“The WC Trend Show is a show that can’t be missed! With there being so many shows and confusion in Las Vegas we were able to see many of our Key accounts in a calm and easy working environment. It took a tremendous amount of pressure off the Las Vegas show for us and our accounts. Not to mention we also opened up some great new stores we did not sell i the Past! I highly recommend attending the show.”
John Faul (vendor)
“Ken puts on a great show that runs seamlessly and caters to the retailer. This show allows stores to work lines prior to heading into Las Vegas in a relaxed setting. It has been very successful venue for us. Ken also makes the show economical both for the retailer and the sales person which is important in today’s economy.”
Ralph Odenberg (vendor)
“Our WC Trend Show has really developed into a productive, writing, time saving show for the dealers that are either not going to Las Vegas or who buys for several categories and do just not have time to get is all done in 3 days at Las Vegas. It is cost effective and just the right length.”
Mike Kirsch (vendor)
“The West Coast Trend Show held in Los Angeles twice yearly is a great way to shop the men’s apparel market and do your seasonal
buys. It is comfortable and convenient in a hospitable hotel near LAX and offers a great venue to follow up on the New York shows, or get a head start on Las Vegas. The atmosphere is warm with reasonable room rates and good food and drinks. The mix of manufactures represented is large. There is no better way to get it done than The WC Trend Show.”
M.A. Pickens (vendor)
“The most efficient, best managed, and highly productive show in which I’ve participated in the last 30 years. Hooray for Ken Haruta and West Coast Trend Show.”
Bob Odenberg (vendor)
“The West Coast Trend Show as always is a very productive few days as well as a nice show where reps and retailers can interact outside of work. Thank you for helping me be successful at the show. ”
Matthew Bryan (vendor)
“A Big ‘THANK YOU’ to Kenny for supporting up and coming new vendors! This show gives me critical exposure to buyers I may not otherwise be able to reach. ”
Michelle Goodson (vendor)
“The West Coast Trend Show creates a networking experience between the manufacturers, the representatives and the retailers. The show promotes communication and inspiration.”
Tracy Walker Kiser (retailer), H. Walker’s Clothing
“It’s easy, I can get all my work done and I don’t have to go to Las Vegas! In fact, I haven’t needed to go to the Vegas shows since I started going to Ken’s show. I have about twenty appointments back to back in the two days and see about 30 different lines.”
Jay Williamson (retailer), Williamson & Company
The LA Trend Show has become a major buying trip for me. I see many of the vendors I use and many whom I shop as comparatives. Ken Haruta and his Show staff do a fine job with meals and interactive get-togethers to make the stay comfortable. The variety of vendors is the biggest “plus” for me.
Paul Desilet (retailer), Paul Richards
“The trend show has become an important venue for us. It is very convenient and well organized, allowing us to make the most of our time and resources. The vendor mix keeps increasing as does the retail traffic. The show is easy and functional. We were able to eliminate a major show and expense by spending our valuable time at trend.”
Rob Carson (retailer), Patrick James
Once again the recent West Coast Trend Show exceeded our expectations with the number of vendors that were showing. Add to this the ease of walking from floor to floor with the open-space atrium on one side so it didn’t feel as uncomfortable as a normal hotel show, the usual buying experience was enhanced and (almost !) enjoyable. Great job Ken !
Rich Brady (retailer), Bradys
“The West Coast Trend Show is very important to me since I am able to see many vendors that I do business with in one location. I am able to strengthen my vendor relationships in this relaxed and open environment and see first hand the trends for the next season without having to make the commitment to attend future shows. This is a buyers show with pleasant accommodations, complimentary lunches and after hours mixers.”
Ryan Gonzales (retailer), Ryan’s Collection
“The West Coast Trends show allows us vendors to work our accounts in a relaxed setting without the pressures of NY or Vegas. The time saved by having the best West Coast accounts all in one place is incalculable. Thank you Ken for all your hard work.”
Larry Butterfield (vendor)