“West Coast Trend Show is the best working environment of all the shows. The appointments are more focused without the chaos and distractions of NY and Vegas. The layout is very convenient for the retailers, making it easier to stay on schedule with appointments. The most efficient use of time and money for both the retailer and the vendors. A win win for everybody!.”
Ivan Quiteno (vendor)
“Once again the WC Trend show was a home run, I worked 20 retailers in 2 1/2 days. I can’t imagine how many days it would take me to see 20 retailers going to stores. The show keeps on getting better and better.”
Peter Kornblit (vendor)
“Thank you for all the time and effort you put into making the LA show such a success. The show is really important for Southern California retailers and wholesalers and the quality touch that you bring to it makes the show very professional. Thanks again for creating a show that brings us all together and helps grow our business. ”
Donna Gavin (vendor)
“The Trend Show worked for us on a lot of levels. We were able to see great accountants in a timely way. The timing of the show, between MRket in New York and project in Las Vegas allowed us to see key people in a convenient setting.”
Bob Ritz (vendor)
“This show has become very practical for me. It lessens my travel expense because virtually all of my customers from out of town come in. In addition the show allows me to approach new people from out of the area without having to go to great expense to search them out. Equally as important, it allows me to work with my clients in a much less hectic environment than the other trade shows, where they can concentrate to a much greater degree than they can at MAGIC or the MRket Show.”
Allan Schwartz (vendor)
“The WC Trend Show is becoming more important to vendors and the best men’s speciality stores. As the cost of the New York shows keep rising, and the confusion of the overlapping shows in Las Vegas continues, The WC Trend Show provides the perfect environment which is affordable, comfortable and accessible with just enough privacy and a very easy layout to follow. I look forward to the continued growth and success to the show.”
Larry Lentini (vendor)

The West Coast Trend Show is a “key” show for me. I can get so much buying accomplished. The relaxed atmosphere and privacy of the room concept leads to better concentration on my part. With the added lines every season, it becomes less important to attend other shows. Job well done, Ken!!! Keep up the good work.

Steven Benson (retailer), S Benson & Co.
“It’s all about relationships and the convenience of the show. It’s easy for me to quickly move from room to room to see ten to twenty appointments I make with the people I work with, all regional guys.”
George Fangmann (retailer), George’s
“I’ve gone to the West Coast Trend Show for about five seasons now. It’s efficient, inexpensive and an easy way to look at the lines we already carry. I can get a lot of existing business done and out of the way before heading to the chaos in Las Vegas.”
Scott Peterson (retailer), Players Clothing Company
“The West Coast Trend Show has become one of our favorite shows to attend. The timing is great, and it’s very easy to work and feel like you’ve accomplished something. Everyone hangs out and it’s a great environment for getting to know other retailers and manufacturers a bit better.”
Pat Monpere JR (retailer), Patrick James
“The West Coast Trend Show has been a great show for Ascot Shop to attend. We can work in an effective and organized way, getting a lot done in 2 days. The vendors present are just what we are looking for, having great quality, price points, and service. It’s also a very fun show. The bowling night is such a great way to get to know your fellow retailers and vendors better. Its fun to enjoy everyones company in a non work related capacity.”
Andrew E White (retailer)
“The show was good and the hospitality was great!
I got to see many of my vendors.”
Arman Ariane (retailer), XERXES
“This is one of the best put together shows I have ever been to. The retailers and vendors have a bond at your show.”
Cory Cozzetti (vendor)