Exhibitor Fee

Exhibitor Fee (One exhibiting room / One person)
The show fee of $850 covers one representative per room.
Wednesday, May 1 is the due date for the show fee.
The show fee will increase $1,000 if your check is not received by Thursday, May 2. NO EXCEPTIONS. Please note, this does not include your hotel bill.
Pay by Check
Pay by Paypal
The fee for additional representatives is $100 per person. 1 additional rep
2 additional reps
3 additional reps
Fee for reserving a second exhibiting room $700
Advertisement for the show directory and website home page $300
Show Sponsor fee Pay by Check
Pay by Paypal
If you are a new vendor and want to participate, please use option 2 ) and submit your Exhibitor Contract only and we will add you to the wait list to participate.

Please select the type of contract below based on your payment schedule.

1 ) Submit the exhibitor contract and make a payment (Paypal) for exhibitor show now. 
2 ) Submit the exhibitor contract only. 
3 ) Make a payment for exhibitor show only. 

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