Exhibitor Fee

Exhibitor Fee (One exhibiting room / One person)
The show fee of $1,000 covers one representative per room.
Pay by Check
Pay by Paypal
The fee for additional representatives is $100 per person.
The fee covers the additional expenses for 2 lunches, snacks,
beverages, dinner and cocktail party on Sunday.
1 additional rep
2 additional reps
3 additional reps
Fee for reserving a second exhibiting room $600
Advertisement for the show directory and website home page $300
Show Sponsor fee Pay by Check
Pay by Paypal
If you are a new vendor and want to participate, please use option 2 ) and submit your Exhibitor Contract only and we will add you to the wait list to participate.

Please select the type of contract below based on your payment schedule.

1 ) Submit the exhibitor contract and make a payment (Paypal) for exhibitor show now. 
2 ) Submit the exhibitor contract only. 
3 ) Make a payment for exhibitor show only. 

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