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August 7, 2014
By Kelli Freeman

If you ask retail buyers at this week’s West Coast Trend Show in Los Angeles, they’ll tell you blue is the new black. “The trend is bigger, brilliant blue colors,” says Sam Glaser, senior buyer at Stitched in Las Vegas. Fresh shades of royal and navy blues can be found in nearly every clothing line whether it’s a Carl Gross blazer or shirt from Ernest Hemingway Uomo.

BJ Stringham, president at Utah Woolen Mills, says he’s excited about the continued trend in slimmer silhouettes that appeal to his younger customers. “In general you don’t have to be a slim guy to wear a more contemporary slim fit. Big and baggy doesn’t do anyone any favors.” In addition to their in-shop master tailor, the downtown Salt Lake City store carries Oxxford Clothes, Eton Shirts, Paul & Shark, Brioni; they’re ecstatic to be adding Neapolitan luxury menswear brand Isaia to their mix.

Teresa Morasch with Walla Walla Clothing Co., Walla Walla, Wash. says designers are stepping it up a lot with fresh looks. “Rodd & Gunn, for example, set themselves apart not only for having a full sportswear collection, but interesting prints, giving a guy reason to buy something.” Morasch is also excited about Arnold Zimberg’s light, casual and cool knit denim two way stretch pants and specially treated cotton button ups. “Its non-active wear, sweat-shorts and pants you’d wear to get a coffee or walk the dog.” Morasch adds she’s also pleased to see that the T-shirt-driven Minerals brand has added wovens and bottoms to its line.

Glaser, Stringham and Morasch agree there’s a renewed focus on patterns such as windowpanes in suits, lighter and softer textures in fabrics and fantastic colors. Glaser’s particularly fond of Eton of Sweden and Zachary Prell. “Our customers in Las Vegas gravitate to bright. Designers are pushing the vibrant envelope and we’re right there along with them.”

Other notables include detailed shirts from Maceoo, cotton tees from Psycho Bunny and Red Jacket and Mason Jos Leathers’ chunky jeweled belt buckles. Rounding it out, for the man who has everything, making its debut at the West Coast Trend Show is RUB Jeans, aka Rich Urban Biker’s collection of denim and tees crafted in the USA.